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Govgistics Fun Facts – Did you know?

We have made significant investment and improvement in the Govgistics product over this past few years. The complete list is far greater that mentioned here but the list below highlights many of the major improvements which add significant value to you.

As always, we are focused on delivering “best in class” technology and product support. These are some of the improvements to Govgistics to enhance your ability to access information and better compete in the DOD acquisition process.

  •  Added ability to search expired solicitations.
  • Can do “global search”…to find any possible open opportunity in the DLA website.
  • We deliver the entire AEL/APL list for all Navy contracts and the Bank of APLS database
  • You have all the GSA and Emall procurement histories.
  • You can search for casting suppliers to locate the castings needed
  • You can search for “sources sought” and “pre-solicitations”
  • We can pull bids dated “tomorrow”
  • You can do “full text searching”
  • You can filter for commercial packaging only or Mil spec packaging leads
  • You can filter for “combined set asides” with a single filter.
  • We added the “phrase statement” so you never are confused as to the quantity per package…ie when UoI is 1 each and the phrase is 5 then there are 5 items in the unit/pack.
  • Global Solicitation Search & Historical Solicitation Search
  • You can filter for NSN that require ISO or AS certification certifications or compliance OR conversely you can block solicitations that require higher level quality standards.
  • We added FBO custom searches and full featured email notifications
  • We added NSN forecast so you know additional purchases are planned to better compete.
  • We Recently added 3rd Party RFQ tab option and just added…..
  • You have the “reverse shopping cart” that tracks all the orders you have won, all the NSN you sell that you lost the bids, un-awarded solicitations, open Solicitations and Net worth of your NSNs.
  • Full GSA FSS and Advantage sales history module
  • FPDS intergration and CLIN identification where available

Come by Govgistics and see for yourself why thousands of companies rely on us as their daily driver.

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Govgistics Deploys Feature Enhancements & Its April Newsletter

@Govgistics is pleased to announce the deployment of feature enhancements requested by you.  These include enhanced saved search creation for multiple companies, enhanced data table for Market Research for both NSN and CAGE type reports and more.  We also published out April news letter which can be found here.  We continue to listen to your suggestions and we invite all of you to see why thousands of companies rely on us as their daily driver.

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Our People Are Our Best Assets

It is said that your company is made up of various assets, but the best ones are your people.  Like most, I look forward to coming home, hanging our with my family, maybe checking on a few emails but enjoying the evening with those about whom I care.  The thing is, I also look forward to getting out of bed, saying good morning, walking the dogs and getting in the car to get to work.  Why? You might think I’m crazy but I love the people I work with.  I know, you can’t get too attached but the reality is they are great people.

Govgistics just moved or relocated to a gorgeous new building, not that far away from the old place.  Initially I thought I’d be a little sad leaving the place where I started, learned the things I know today and the things that led to where I am now.  The reality is I’m excited and surrounded by those that were there when I started, taught me some of the things that I know now and helped in building who we are today.

Who are these people? They are the ones that work as hard as I do.  They are the ones that came in early and stayed late, built the brand and carried the message of our solution to our members and worked through the weekend to help the company relocated last week.  They are my other family, the ones on whom I rely and lean on when I need support and the ones that reach out when they need help as well. In short, they are the people that make Govgistics the place it is today.  So I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you to those that were there in the beginning, are there right now and those I have yet to meet.

Thank you and I look forward to showing you what’s next.

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Govgistics Deploys Member Driven Functionality and Enhancements

Govgistics deploys features and UI enhancements requested by our members.  These include a recycle bin for your deleted bid opportunities which provide the ability to review items deleted and to even restore these items to the bidmatch opportunity manager inbox.

Additionally, the contract bidding display grid was upgraded to a data table and made available with all the tools that make this technology great.  This includes, in addition to personal filters, the ability to find within your results relevant information by typing directly into the built in search box.  This automatically filters your results set.  To undo, simply remove your text.

We have also upgraded the display features of one of our newest applications deployed over the last few month.  Reverse Shopping Cart, which is designed to be a report card for recent CAGE code sales history, was enhanced to provide quick access to revenue sum and award counts as well as a quick chart feature in order to see the data in addition to the ability to export the rows to Excel.

Govgistics will continue to listen to our members and we renew our challenge to you to compare our solution with your current methods and we cordially invite you to see why thousands of companies reply on us as their daily driver.

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FPDS Phase IV Integration – Deployed

Govgistics Inc announces the successful deployment of Phase IV of FPDS integration.  To recap, Phase I introduced an FPDS research module to the application.  Phase II included the association of contract history in NSN and Bid reports with FPDS Data thereby bridging the gap between federal reporting and CLIN level information.  Phase III included a full and detailed view of all contract technical details when reviewing various federal histories

Phase IV of FPDS integration further associates federal reporting to the specific requisition requirements when the data is available.  This means you’ll know immediately exactly what was being solicited and led to the obligation you’re currently reviewing.


Govgistics Inc continues to challenge you to compare your current methodology or service provider to the tools and features offered in our solution and we invite you to see why thousands of companies reply on us as their daily driver.

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Phase I of Project Workflow… Deployed

@Govgistics Inc is pleased to announce the beta deployment of Phase I of Project Workflow.  Easily write notes on National Stock Numbers or NSNs, CAGE Code or companies and Solicitation reports.  Everything you record remains in your personal tracking page for review anytime.  Additionally, while reviewing the NSN, CAGE or Solicitation reports, you can review your last three notes by clicking on the notepad icon right next to the NSN, CAGE Code or Solicitation number.

One additional feature offered with this deployment is the ability to record part cost and bid amount which may come in handy next time you’re viewing the NSN or Solicitation.  There are no limits on how many notes you can keep and view.  Phase II, currently in development, will focus on further enhancing other areas of the application in order to make accessible your notes just about everywhere CAGE, NSN or Solicitation numbers appear.  Phase III will be driven by by your suggestions and requests is currently TBD.

This enhancement is available to all Govgistics members as part of their current service.  Again, we challenge you to compare your current methods or provider to the solution offered by Govgistics and invite you to see why thousands of companies rely on us as their daily driver. #contracting #NSN #workflow #bigdata

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Govgistics, Inc. Delivers, Again.

If you have wondered what’s been happening over @Govgistics, well, we’re please to tell you quite a bit. So, we decided to take a few minutes and provide you with an update. Last month, we deployed major enhancements to our standalone FBO module which provided our members with the ability to create customized saved searches and enable email notifications for them which include 100% of the data points required to make a decision to pass or to pursue the opportunity. To say this was well received is an understatement based on member participation.

Earlier this month, we deployed Phase I of FPDS (Federal Procurement Data System) integration. This tremendously increased our members’ research capabilities by helping them find relevant data by quickly getting to what’s important. This module allows for search by CAGE, DUNS, Company Name and Contract Number and utilizes built in on the fly filtering and available data export. In addition, this module also started to bridge the gap between federal reporting and CLIN level information.

Earlier this week, we continued with our development schedule and deployed Phase II and Phase III of FPDS (Federal Procurement Data System) integration. This allowed us to finalize the correlation between the data and the CLIN by integrating the data with the NSN and Bid report procurement histories and through CAGE reporting.

Additionally, Phase III of this integration expanded on the capabilities of Phase I by providing all the relevant contract technical details reported through FPDS at the click of a mouse.

We would like to thank you, our members, for continuing to drive us and to provide us with the features and products which lead to your success.  We look forward to showing you what’s next and extend our challenge to you to compare your current methods of aggregating relevant data to the solution offered by @Govgisitcs and invite you to see why thousands of companies rely on us as their daily driver.

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FPDS Intergration, Phase I, Complete

Govgistics Inc. deploys Phase I of FPDS (Federal Procurement Data System) integration.  Find relevant data by and search by CAGE to quickly filter your list by any line detail then export the data.  In the coming weeks, we will be deploying Phase II which will join the data in CAGE reporting and Phase III which will focus making the data interactive and providing better associations between contracts and CLIN level data.  We are extremely excited to bring this to you and we also look forward to showing you what’s next.  Come by Govgistics and see for yourself why thousands of companies rely on Govgistics as their daily driver.

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You Asked, We Listened Part 2

Govgistics, Inc is pleased to announce that we deployed major enhancements to our Federal Business Opportunities or FBO service module. While your saved searches for your Contract Bidding or Bidmatching module contain items from FBO, 18 months ago we deployed a standalone FBO component for a full view to federal procurement. This component was recently upgraded to allow for the creation of additional saved searches and data export.

Today, we are pleased to announce the addition of a customized email notification feature for all federal opportunities posted through FBO . The email will contain a FULL account of ALL the details and data points relevant to the item(s).

Come by Govgistics and see for yourself why thousands of companies rely on us as their daily driver.

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You asked for it, we listened

@Govgistics has deployed feature enhancements requested by you.  These enhancements enable you to accomplish more of what you need to do in less time.  They include:

Access to one of our most popular report from the main Market Research page.  This report provides the ability to dissect and entire Federal Supply Class (FSC) by year or over a time period and discover the revenue opportunities that exists within this class of commodities.  Use this report to gage demand for any commodity class, top sellers in that FSC.  Utilize the data provided in this report to aggregate needed data side by side with the rest of our product offerings such as Batch Search Manager and obtain the additional details sought.


Tagging or adding solicitations of interest or value to you has never been easier nor more functional.  We have enhanced this feature to include the ability to add notes in order to help you better track items which you find valuable.


We have also enhanced your Contract Bidding rules by providing the ability to edit your saved searches.  Did you realize that having a saved search for an entire Federal Supply Class a little too cumbersome?  Edit the saved search to add additional requirements to it and narrow the results retuned in order to maximize your value.  We’ve come to realize that over time your priorities change, sometime significantly.  This is the main driver behind out decision to deploy this feature.


We invite you to stop by @Govgistics and see for yourself why thousands of companies reply on us as their daily driver.


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