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This post is published as a courtesy to our members and the general public.  Govgistics is committed to helping our members stay informed of the procedures required for their continued success.
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Govgistics Blog

Govgistics Provides Critical NSN Information

The DLA provides On Hand Qty, Back Order Qty, and Annual Demand Qty on 161,850 NSNs. This data is now part of you Bid and NSN reports and can be found in the forecast section. Come by and see why thousands rely on Govgistics as their daily driver.

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Govgistics Blog

Migration to the AWS Cloud is complete

We are happy to communicate that our and @Govgistics Government Services API platform migration has been completed successfully.

@Govgistics is now a 100% cloud based company! This is a continuation of many important upgrades coming to the our platform over the next few months.

If you have any issues, please contact your dedicated member relationship manager.

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Govgistics Blog

Govgistic Deploys Features and Enhancements

Come by and see why thousands of companies rely on Govgistics as their daily driver.

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Govgistics Blog

Introducing Govgistics Web Services

Introducing Govgistics Web Services:

At Govgistics, we’re constantly striving to stay up with current and emerging technologies. Which is why we developed our own Web Services and Application Programming Interfaces (otherwise known as APIs). An API allows for data processing via machine to machine communication by utilizing JSON and XML programming languages to complete a request. To put in simpler terms, an API acts as a messenger between two parties to deliver a request followed by a result in return.

With Govgistics web service you’ll be provided with device-to-device interaction between your internal systems and the Govgistics Web Service Platform. Web Services allows you to automate Part and NSN searches or CAGE searches for SAM, MCRL, Procurement and H4/H8, in order to receive automated solicitations from inventory or NSN/Part files, get complete FLIS and NSN data from Cage Codes without manually logging in. Govgistics Web Services is built to process and consume the catalog of Govgistics’ Application Programming Interface (API). Govgistics Web Services allows you to automate your business, reducing some of the inefficiencies of sourcing bids or finding NSN and FLIS information. Automate your business via Govgistics API.

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Govgistics Blog

Govgistics, Inc. will be exhibiting at the DMSMS 2017 Dec 4-7 2017

Govgistics, Inc. will be exhibiting at the #DMSMS2017 which will be held at the Tampa Convention Center  from December 4, 2017 through December 7, 2017. Stop by booth 908 and meet our team.

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Govgistics Blog

What does your provider’s CAGE Code report look like? 

What does your provider’s CAGE Code report look like?  Here’s a glance at what Govgistics, Inc. offers.  Come by and see for yourself why thousands of companies rely on us as their daily driver.


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Govgistics Blog

Big Data…. Simplified

Govgistics deploys feature enhancements to your Govgistics Market Research.  These were designed to simplify the manner by which you gather data.  The are:

  • Historical Management Data or ML-C Pricing

  • Locate companies by State or ZIP or Country

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Govgistics Introduces Award Notifications

Govgistics, Inc.deploys a new application to enable DoD award notifications tailored to your needs and specific to your requirements. Quickly and efficiently select your company or CAGE Code, enter your email address and that’s it. You can even add up to 100 (one hundred) other companies or CAGE Codes to the list. Once you do, every morning you will receive an email notifying you of the contracts awarded to those companies in your list as an Excel attachment with all the relevant information, and the data grouped by CAGE code. Come by and see why thousands of companies rely on Govgistics, Inc. as their daily driver.

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Govgistics Blog

In Case You Didn’t Know

Here are some highlights from our application offering. Come by and see for yourself why thousands of companies rely on @Govgistics as their daily driver…


Custom bidmatching saved searches with user specific filtering

Added ability to search expired solicitations.

Added “global search”…to find any possible open opportunity in the DLA website.

We deliver the entire AEL/APL list for all Navy contracts.

You now have all the GSA, GSA Advantage and Emall procurement histories.

You can now search for casting suppliers to locate the castings needed

You can search for “sources sought” and “presolicitations”

FULL FBO integration

We can pull bids dated “tomorrow” from the DLA prior to public release.

You can do “full text searching”

You can filter for commercial packaging only or Mil spec packaging leads

You can filter for “combined set asides” with a single filter.

We added the “phrase statement” so you never are confused as to the quantity per package…ie when UOI is 1 each and the phrase is 5 then there are 5 items in the unit/pack.

You can filter for NSN that require ISO or AS certification certifications or compliance OR conversely you can block solicitations that require higher level quality standards.

We added FBO “recovery” for clients who want to find economic recovery act opportunities (archived).

We added NSN forecast so you know additional purchases are planned on certain NSNs to better compete.

Recently added 3rd Party RFQ tab option and just released…..

You have the “reverse shopping cart” that tracks data related to your NSNs – orders you have won, orders you have lost and to who, unawarded solicitations past the expiration date, open Solicitations and Net worth of your NSNs.

You now have custom FBO filter creation with export and email notifications

You have full integration with FPDS reporting with built in features which tie back the data to CLIN information and ability to search by CAGE.

Yes, both significant investment to develop these enhancements and a significant commitment to our customers in providing the tools needed to work in the DoD market.

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