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GSA specific Procurement History.

How do you research specific GSA Procurement History?

1) Login to PartsBase Government Data
2) Go to Market Research
3) Click the GSA Contract History Tab
4) Search by a multitude of attributes, such as…

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How do you define value-add?

How much are you paying for AEL/APL Information? Does it include access to the entire database for AEL level information? What if you didn’t have to pay more just because you wanted more information? See for yourself.


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Finding Surplus in the Marketplace

How do you find surplus in the market place? How do you track who is selling your parts? How do you get ahead of companies undercutting your prices?

The Department of Defense issues on average over 30,000 solicitations a month. While some don’t get awarded for various reasons, the vast majority gets awarded to thousands of companies like yours. Every day we speak with our members about their experience in dealing with the procurement process and every day we are asked by some about the surplus that exists in the market.

Imagine you’re the OEM of a widget. You’ve been making that widget for years. A solicitation is released calling for your widget and you bid it… unsuccessfully. You look at the award and find out that some company undercut your price. Why? Because your widget has been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for weeks and sometimes longer. It was acquired by a vendor for a good price and it was just resold. What do you do?

From a slightly different point of view, you’re still a manufacturer of the same widget but you may not know how many other companies make it. More importantly, that widget is repeatedly acquired by the DoD or even commercially. You look at your trailing twelve month sales for that widget and discover they are not inline with the market history. What do you do and how do you find buyers for your widget?

These are questions for which PartsBase Government Data provides answers to its members every day. In addition to buying opportunities from the DoD, Market Research is an integral part of our services. Discover how you can track demand, research procurement, OEM data and aggregate information, by the piece or via batch, with a couple of mouse clicks to find out what the DoD is buying, how much they have bought it for and all the vendors who happen to be stocking those parts.

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If you’re looking for Navy AEL/APL information…

PartsBase Government Data is pleased to announce the enhancement of the Navy AEL/APL information available to our members.  Last summer we enhanced our reporting to include the National Stock Number’s ship application in our NSN and Bid reports.  We continued to build on this enhancement and deployed a full Navy AEL database module and today we enhanced the NSN and Bid reports to include the AEL part application.


The reporting enhancements are available now to PartsBase Government Data members and are included in the membership.  If you are a PartsBase Government Data member, simply tailor your NSN and Bid reports for the inclusion of these data points or call your dedicated customer service representative for assistance.  Otherwise please stop by PartsBase Government Data and ask for your free trial so you too can discover why thousands of companies reply on PartsBase Government Data as their daily driver.

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PartsBase Government Data – A New Day

Over the last few months, we published several posts about PartsBase Government Data.  The first was titled “Got PartsBase Government Data?”  Then a couple or posts about “Why PartsBase Government Data” and “The Importance of Planning and Researching” followed by “The Benefits of PartsBase Government Data” and an invitation to “Come by and Meet PartsBase Government Data.

Most recently, as we are coming up on our 6th birthday, “PartsBase Government Data Inc – Happy 6th Birthday (almost)” was intended to provide an abbreviated version of our journey over the last 6 years working with you and companies such as yours.  I wanted to talk about why we started the business, where we came from, what our goals were and where we came up short.  I felt this was a point worth discussing because all things being equal, and despite our successes, it was never a smooth ride and at times shook almost violently.  We did persevere and used the lessons learned to provide our members with the tools required and requested to help in navigating the maze of researching and doing business with the US Department of Defense. The lessons learned were invaluable and allowed me to come a long way in helping PartsBase Government Data grow to 800 or so members by 2013 and climbing above 2500 to date.

The aforementioned post was received very well and very much liked by our members as we also published the story on our blog.  The traffic which was generated was also tremendous from members and soon to be members alike.  I then decided to write this piece to further elaborate on our capabilities and our continued desire to help our members.  I understand that this is a business but I also understand that without a clearly defined and stated goal or mission, PartsBase Government Data would be eternally coasting.  One of the lessons from the beginning was to build a better toolbox into which better a better suite of tools reside.

Merriam Webster defines a tool as “a means to an end”.   Think of it this way, a hammer is a great tool which provides a more efficient way to drive nails.  A screw driver is also a tool used to turn screws.  You can accomplish both tasks without using the hammer or the screw driver but why would you?  I remember when I was 16 years old and had to mow the lawn as part of a deal I made with my dad to borrow his car.  I waited until the last minute and found out that the mower didn’t start.  Naturally, if I wanted to borrow the car to go out that night, I had to honor my commitment and get the job done….so I did….with a weed wacker.  The experience wasn’t fun, took almost 2 hours and while I got to use the car, it cost more than I had planned for.

So rather than build just a great tool, PartsBase Government Data designed a better toolbox and deployed an unparalleled suite of tools to go into it.  Many of our products and features were born from requests by our members, while others were the natural progression of things.  Many of the members that use PartsBase Government Data share similar prior experiences.  They spent countless hours going from one DoD procurement gate to another.  They found that none of the search mechanisms look, feel or work like the site they just visited.  They searched for FSC – or – CAGE – or – NSN .  They were presented with pages of results into which they have to click, read and close.  Once they identify potential new opportunities, they have to print the pages and once they had found enough, they started researching past procurement if the information they were seeking was not yet archived.  They used to have access to WebFLIS for basic NSN information but that was deprecated last year. Then when all this was done, repeat on another site.

So I decided to take this opportunity to talk about the PartsBase Government Data toolbox some of the tools our members have access to and use in their daily business.

The first one is Contract Bidding which is our bidmatching suite of products.  This tool was redesigned from the ground up and with you in mind.  Contract Bidding allows you to cast a wide net or be as specific as you want when finding bidding opportunities.  Create your saved searches by NSN, Part Number, CAGE, FSC and Keyword.  Further narrow your searches prior to saving by compounding onto them indicators such as set-asides, inspection, dollar value and more.  Basically we give you the option to match broad and then filter the results or to narrow you searches and only get delivered what you’re seeking.

Imagine having the ability to create a saved search for all your suppliers.  Another which allows you to look at products sought which match your shop’s capabilities but only if the DoD owns the technical documents or drawings.  A third where only FSC 4730 for example is being sought, with with AMSC of G – all at the same time with separate notification for each and with available data export.



Imagine being able, while looking at matches from your saved searches, to see with each opportunity relevant vendors stocking the parts, forecast information, AEL cross reference, full FLIS information and full procurement history.  Additionally, if and when you need to change your saved searches, you can do it yourself and have the results immediately available without having to send in a request and wait 24-48 hours to implement the changes.

Included with Contract Bidding are standalone modules which provide you with the ability to research any and all global DoD solicitations, identify trends in procurement and look up expired but available for bid BSM solicitations to look for opportunities others missed or where not enough bids were submitted while open.

The second is Market Research which is our National Stock Number and CAGE Code research suite of products.  The suite supplies invaluable NSN and Cage research data to assist you in determining which contracts and products to pursue. The Market Research segment contains valuable data on National Stock Numbers, CAGE Code Holders, FSC or Federal Supply Class Information and more. Use these tools to look up NSNs, cross reference part numbers to NSNs, find all NSNs for a description you’re seeking or all NSNs related to a company, then narrow down that list by most recent award date, AMSC, dollar value of the product and more.  This suite also allows you to identify and find all products for example where the FSC is 1560 + the AMSC code is G + have an award in the last 2 years + are worth greater than 250 each.  After you narrow the list, review on screen or use the available data export to save the results set for later use.


For CAGE Codes or companies, quickly reference basic information such as address, phone number, CAGE Status, Primary Business, Affiliation Type, Business size and complete H4/H8 data as well as SAM registration information to identify relevant company designations and points of contact.  Additionally, find out about:

  • Every contract awarded to the company


  • By which agency & when


  • All the NSNs where the company is an approved source


  • All the competitors where overlapping DoD sales exist


Included in the Market Research suite are standalone modules which our members utilize to look up all historical solicitations to identify past procurement trends, buyers of commodities with emails and phone numbers, look up Emall sales data and an unparalleled GSA procurement research tool, access to the FAA PMA Database as well as an available Navy APL database for access to Alternate Parts, A1, B1, C1, MAPL, Component Characteristics, SNF and AEL Reports by RIC/AEL.

The third is Batch Search Manager which is our proprietary tool that provides the ability for our members to upload Part Numbers or National Stock Numbers (NSNs) and generate an output file that contains stock availability information, full FLIS information, full procurement history, full GSA procurement history and all open solicitations.

Similar functionality is available for companies or CAGE Codes. Batch Search Manager provides the ability to upload a list of CAGE Codes to obtain full H4/H8 information, all NSNs where the CAGE Code(s) are approved sources, full procurement history for all the companies uploaded, all open DoD solicitations with details and full SAM registration information.

In addition to the products and features discussed, PartsBase Government Data also offers a full FBO module, Department of Homeland Security’s APFS database, Turbo Links to GIDEP & ASSIST, intra company messaging and a unique Casting Search provider with send RFQ functionality.  There are so many more things we can cover but the most important feature of PartsBase Government Data is that our members will have a dedicated customer service manageable who is knowledgeable not just with the functionality of the site but with the actually subject matter and can offer keen insight and advice to further help when researching and selling to the DoD.

We invite you to come by and see for yourself.


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To all who made PartsBase Government Data possible, thank you.

I recently published a post on LinkedIn titled “PartsBase Government Data Inc – Happy 6th Birthday (almost)” and on out blog to recognize my company’s upcoming 6th birthday.  In it, I talked about our story from the humble beginnings, to the initial successes we experienced, some of the rough seas we sailed through along the way and everything we learned along the way.

However, before we blow out the candles and enter into what will be our 7th year, I decided to take a minute and recognize what made everything possible, or rather who made everything possible, the men and women that ensure our message gets out each and every day and take the time to listen to yours.  From our development team, our sales representatives & sales managers as well as our customer service representatives, these are the same men and women many of you know have come to rely on for everything from learning how to use the various products and features we offer to everyday advice on how to apply the data we deliver to you to your everyday business.

None of what we have accomplished and have yet to achieve would be possible without the people mentioned above.  We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with you and to all our members whom have allowed our representatives into your everyday business, thank you.

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PartsBase Government Data Inc – Happy 6th Birthday (almost)

It is said that time flies when you’re having fun.  For us the statement could not be any truer.  In a few weeks, PartsBase Government Data Inc. will be celebrating its 6th anniversary and we are so very proud to have had the privilege of serving our members over the last six years and are looking forward to continuing that tradition in the years to come.

It seems like yesterday that the idea to develop and implement a better platform, a better manner by which access to relevant information is provided and a member-centric business model was born.  I vividly recall those days and better remember being fully immersed in the idea that materialized into PartsBase Government Data Inc., intended to be an evolutionary step up in the defense market intelligence and analysis arena.

Our beginnings, as exciting as they were, were humble.  We built a little here and little there.  Our site launched with a version of Contract Bidding and Market Research.  Combined these products made it possible for our members, on the Contract Bidding side of the service, to receive Department of Defense open solicitations based on saved searches and all delivered with FLIS and Procurement History.  On the Market Research side, our members had the ability to look up National Stock Numbers (NSNs) by part number, description, most recent award & more and also access H4/H8 CAGE Code information and reporting associated for that company such as NSNs awarded, competition analysis and supplier overlap.

We started building a brand, grew our staff from one, to two, to ten and then almost forty.  We went from no members to over 800 and things were good.  For the next few years, we enhanced the services provided but kept the old design and framework and unfortunately their old limitations.  In an environment where exploring, building and deploying new tools means providing more to our members, we unfortunately didn’t hit the mark… and seemingly stopped evolving.

It is also said that the reason we fall is so that we can learn how to get up.  In late 2013, we learned this lesson in many ways and for various reasons.  In order to address these new challenges and with rather than just an evolution as with the original thinking, we opted for a rEvolution.  At the beginning of 2014, we put to action the lessons learned, rolled up our sleeves and went to work.  By April of 2014, we rewrote the logic on which our technology relies and opened the door to features never before explored.  We deployed these changes along with the first major product release we had in years, Data Export Manager.  This tool allowed our members to find the needle in the haystack from either side of the service and export the data for various reasons.

By July 2014, we deployed our proprietary Batch Search Manager.  This product was a built from the ground up with one goal in mind: get our members the data they need, when they need it and fast.  This product runs automated searches on parts numbers, NSNs or CAGE Codes and outputs a custom spreadsheet with only the relevant data sought which includes part/NSN availability, full FLIS, procurement history, solicitations against the parts/NSNs/Cage Codes and GSA specific history.

By November 2014, we released a brand new desktop and mobile friendly which included a new UI, new functionality, new tools, new features all built on new code and new architecture.

Stellar is an understatement as it relates to how this deployment was received by our members.  So much so that we moved up the timetable on deprecating the old site from 180 days to 30 based on greater than 99% of usage coming from the new site.

In 2015, we enhanced the overall user experience, tools and data offered to our community to include Casting Provider search with send RFQ function, Global Solicitations Search, Historical Solicitations Search, EMall Sales History and GSA Procurement History – all as standalone modules for specific research and data aggregation by the end user and also integrating the histories to the related product or NSN.


We also integrated NSN forecast data and Navy AEL/APL cross reference into every NSN and Bid report.

To further enhance productivity and foster intra-company collaboration, we deployed member to member messaging for end users at the same PartsBase Government Data member company and the ability to tag or add to favorites relevant bid opportunities.

So far in 2016, we have deployed a beta release of the full Navy BOAPL database providing our members the ability to RIC codes to NIINs and CAGE Codes and run full AEL Reports on demand.

We also added the ability to search for the BSM expired but available for quoted module and enhanced the search capabilities for Contract Bidding and Market Research and more minor enhancements

All of this could not be possible without our members’ support and continued suggestions for the features they need to make full use of the available data.  For that, we thank you.

The last six years were fun by any standard, albeit coupled with some challenges for some of which we were not prepared but through which we persevered.  This helped us grow our commitment to you to continue to provide you with that for which you ask.  We are coming up on six years of service with over 2500 member companies and are so excited at the prospects of what happens next.  We are humbled by our journey and continue to be honored by your commitment to stay with us.  Without you there is no PartsBase Government Data Inc. and we thank you. @Govgistics #rEvolution.

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PartsBase Government Data Deploys Allowance Parts List/Allowance Equipage List (APL/AEL) module

PartsBase Government Data is pleased to let our members know that we have just deployed a beta release of The Allowance Parts List/Allowance Equipage List (APL/AEL) module.  This service component will enable our members to query the Alternate Parts file, Component Characteristics file, Master Allowance Parts List file (APL/RSN), NEMAIS A1, B1 & C1, Supplemental Nomenclature file and the ability to run full AEL Reports.  This module combines faster, more efficient and interlinked technology allowing our members to work faster and more efficiently.  Additionally, quickly print, print to PDF or Export to excel your search results.  PartsBase Government Data continue to listen to our members and provide data and services which will enhance our member experience.  Call  your dedicated customer service representative for more information or to activate a trial of this module to add to your service.  Not a member yet? Come by for your free trial and quickly discover why thousands of companies rely on us as their daily driver.

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Come by and Meet PartsBase Government Data

What do you do if you have 10, 100, 1000 or more part numbers or NSNs (National Stock Numbers) and you quickly need to retrieve who is stocking those parts, what the packaging requirements are, who the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are, what open solicitations exists against your parts or NSNs, what the procurement history and price points are, what the contract numbers and award dates were and the winning vendor?  Additionally and also reported separately, which ones have been purchased through GSA contracts including contract start and end dates, buyer codes, schedule number, contract and formal contract numbers, usell price (and more)?

One option is to look them up part by part and print or copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet. It’s functional but very time consuming. Unfortunately many still rely on this method.

PartsBase Government Data has developed a proprietary Batch Search Manager (deployed November 2014) which will tremendously aid and change the manner by which you aggregate information. The tool allows you to load thousands of part numbers or NSNs, select any or all of the information you need and in minutes download one spreadsheet which contains:

Parts Availability
Technical Characteristics
Phrase Data
GSA Proc

Additionally, our Batch Search Manager also allows for the ability to run batch reports on CAGE Codes to quickly get a glimpse inside those companies including the products for which they are approved, the products which they have sold and more.

We don’t believe this tool is for everyone but the participation we have had in the product since it was deployed in November 2014 has been no less than tremendous and the feedback we have received since has been used in subsequent updates & upgrades.

This tool greatly compliments what PartsBase Government Data offers which includes a full Bidmatch Opportunity Manager that relies on your saved searches to deliver to you open RFQs and RFPs from the DoD with full FLIS & history included as well as Navy AEL information and rule based email notifications, a Global Search module for additional opportunities, a BSM expired but not yet awarded module, Casting Supplier search module with the ability to send RFQs and full suite of Market Research tools which provide simple and advanced analytics and reporting including a Historical Solicitations search module, EMall Sales History and access to the FAA PMA database.

If you find yourself doing repetitive work to find out the same information on multiple parts, NSNs or CAGE Codes time and time again or if you want to upgrade from the current method by which you search, then we invite you to call your customer service representative to ask about a trial of this feature or come by and ask for your free trial and quickly discover why thousands of companies rely on us as their daily driver.

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