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The Best Way To Register For DIBBS

DIBBS Registration Process

DLA Internet Board System (DIBBS) is the supplier through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for military food, uniforms, equipment, fuel and supplies. This system benefits business immensely for it allows easier ways to submit quotes, view and download drawings, and compete for long term contract opportunities. In order to access this system, a list of steps is required. PartsBase Government Data can help you through this process. Below are the steps you need to take in order to register your business for DIBBS and growing your company.

DIBBS Registration:

Go to the DIBBS Vendor Registration page.

  • Enter your CAGE code
  • Set user ID to your Cage Code
  • Type 01 after Cage Code
  • Make your password
  • Follow the other specific guidelines DIBBS requires to choose your password.
  • Reset password every 60 days.

Registration Help:

DIBBS offers help through this registration process. Follow these tips:

  • Click the refresh icon button on the top menu bar of your browser.
  • Clear your cache. For Internet Explorer go to Tools, Internet Options, and under Temporary Internet Files click on Delete Files and Delete Cookies and then click OK.
  • Log off
  • Wait five minutes
  • Log back on.

To change the super user:

  • Have two trained super users.
  • Without a super user back up, the CAGE code information will be reset and prevent you from quoting for 3-4 days. If the super user leaves, the backup user can go into My Account and update the super users name and email.
  • If you do not have two people trained and your super user becomes unavailable, you can notify the DIBBS Feedback form (access this through the Navigation drop-down menu from any page on DIBBS)
  • State: “Our super user has left the company and we need to have our account deleted”.
  • Once the DIBBS technical team receives your message, they will delete the current information
  • Re-register on DIBBS to create a new super user account.

DIBBS cFolders

DLA Collaboration Folders (cFolders) contains Bidsets and Engineering Data Lists (EDLs). This system access requires the user to have an active DIBBS account. If you have cFolders general questions, email or call 1-804-279-3477. For cFolders login problems and password resets, contact the help desk at or call 1-855-352-0001 with the following information:

  1. Your CAGE code registered in DIBBS
  2. Your User ID
  3. Please include the exact text of any error messages you are receiving

cFolders Types & Access

Technical data is available on DLA Collaboration Folders (cFolders). There are three different types of restricted data on cFolders. If you see the phrase Add l Access required in cFolders under the Download column for a document, then you must look to see which of the restricted types below is assigned to the document and follow the instructions below:

  1. To export control data, JCP certification is required.
  • Fill out the DD2345 form.
  • Once approved and cFolders is updated with your information, you can access export control data.
  • Call 1-800-352-3572 or email for assistance.
  1. No foreign certification is required for foreign secure data:
  • Select the Licensing Agreements link under Functions.
  • Click the Foreign Secure link and download the form and FAX to the POC listed.
  • cFolders will notify you when granted access.
  1. Licensing agreement numbers appear in the licensing agreement field at the solicitation level and the drawing level on cFolders. This tells you which forms you must have on file to receive the restricted data.
  • Select Licensing Agreements under Functions.
  • Select the appropriate licensing agreement and download the form.
  • Mail or FAX the form to the POC listed.
  • cFolders will notify you when the agreement has been processed.

PartsBase Government Data can help

Our team is here to help you through this process and get you the documentation you need to grow your brand or business. To find more out about DIBBS Registration and how it works visit PartsBase Government Data and act today with their free trial. If you would rather talk to a person directly, contact a sales rep at (888) 322-6896.

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