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Introducing Govgistics Web Services

Introducing Govgistics Web Services:

At Govgistics, we’re constantly striving to stay up with current and emerging technologies. Which is why we developed our own Web Services and Application Programming Interfaces (otherwise known as APIs). An API allows for data processing via machine to machine communication by utilizing JSON and XML programming languages to complete a request. To put in simpler terms, an API acts as a messenger between two parties to deliver a request followed by a result in return.

With Govgistics web service you’ll be provided with device-to-device interaction between your internal systems and the Govgistics Web Service Platform. Web Services allows you to automate Part and NSN searches or CAGE searches for SAM, MCRL, Procurement and H4/H8, in order to receive automated solicitations from inventory or NSN/Part files, get complete FLIS and NSN data from Cage Codes without manually logging in. Govgistics Web Services is built to process and consume the catalog of Govgistics’ Application Programming Interface (API). Govgistics Web Services allows you to automate your business, reducing some of the inefficiencies of sourcing bids or finding NSN and FLIS information. Automate your business via Govgistics API.

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