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Getting Ahead With Market Research

Market Research with PartsBase Government Data

Market Research at PartsBase Government Data is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. The in-depth product data provided allows customers and our members to fully investigate the Cage Codes and NSNs or National Stock Numbers they are researching.  PartsBase Government Data has done our research to provide market research for members and customers as easy as possible. Management Data, Master Cross Reference Library, Procurement History, Freight Packaging, Interchangeability, Navy AEL/APL and Vender Summaries are just a few key essentials in one central location under market research.

PartsBase Government Data provides micro and macro views about other companies to gain an edge in the market. Every time new data is gathered about CAGE code information, it is instantly refreshed to make your research accurate and as up to date as possible. This includes SAM registration (formerly CCR). In order for you to maximize your return in information, PartsBase Government Data makes the data customizable and exportable.

The benefits of using our industry-leading tool have been uncountable. Here are just a couple things that other websites and government services don’t offer:

  • Single Source gateway for bid-matching and research
  • Searches include AND/OR for PN, NSN, FSC, CAGE, KEYWORD, Price, Award Quantity and more
  • Data export availability
  • Full Featured Batch Search Manager with Vendor Parts Availability Search (military and commercial)
  • Full product and company based research


Tracking Competition

Tracking competition is one of the most valuable features the market research tool offers. Reports and research give information on new business opportunities as well as strengths and weaknesses in the market place through analytic reports and P&L for contracts awarded. More specifically, you will know who your competitors are (including their awards, part numbers, national stock numbers, prices at which they sell and more), who they did business with, what was sold, when and for how much. The design and graphic interface makes PartsBase Government Data user-friendly; aiding customers to be more productive. Sorting and filtering results are simple and will save you time giving you award history and contracts right at your fingertips.

By registering as a member on PartsBase Government Data, you and your business will have access to the market research tool. Please register for a free trial! For more information, visit our website at


Every membership will always have the advantage of our customer service line at PartsBase Government Data. You are guaranteed a dedicated and knowledgeable expert available daily. Give us a call at (888) 322-6896 ext. 2212.

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