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Our People Are Our Best Assets

It is said that your company is made up of various assets, but the best ones are your people.  Like most, I look forward to coming home, hanging our with my family, maybe checking on a few emails but enjoying the evening with those about whom I care.  The thing is, I also look forward to getting out of bed, saying good morning, walking the dogs and getting in the car to get to work.  Why? You might think I’m crazy but I love the people I work with.  I know, you can’t get too attached but the reality is they are great people.

PartsBase Government Data just moved or relocated to a gorgeous new building, not that far away from the old place.  Initially I thought I’d be a little sad leaving the place where I started, learned the things I know today and the things that led to where I am now.  The reality is I’m excited and surrounded by those that were there when I started, taught me some of the things that I know now and helped in building who we are today.

Who are these people? They are the ones that work as hard as I do.  They are the ones that came in early and stayed late, built the brand and carried the message of our solution to our members and worked through the weekend to help the company relocated last week.  They are my other family, the ones on whom I rely and lean on when I need support and the ones that reach out when they need help as well. In short, they are the people that make PartsBase Government Data the place it is today.  So I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you to those that were there in the beginning, are there right now and those I have yet to meet.

Thank you and I look forward to showing you what’s next.

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