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Phase I of Project Workflow… Deployed

@Govgistics Inc is pleased to announce the beta deployment of Phase I of Project Workflow.  Easily write notes on National Stock Numbers or NSNs, CAGE Code or companies and Solicitation reports.  Everything you record remains in your personal tracking page for review anytime.  Additionally, while reviewing the NSN, CAGE or Solicitation reports, you can review your last three notes by clicking on the notepad icon right next to the NSN, CAGE Code or Solicitation number.

One additional feature offered with this deployment is the ability to record part cost and bid amount which may come in handy next time you’re viewing the NSN or Solicitation.  There are no limits on how many notes you can keep and view.  Phase II, currently in development, will focus on further enhancing other areas of the application in order to make accessible your notes just about everywhere CAGE, NSN or Solicitation numbers appear.  Phase III will be driven by by your suggestions and requests is currently TBD.

This enhancement is available to all PartsBase Government Data members as part of their current service.  Again, we challenge you to compare your current methods or provider to the solution offered by PartsBase Government Data and invite you to see why thousands of companies rely on us as their daily driver. #contracting #NSN #workflow #bigdata

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