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Batch Search Manager Now Includes AEL/APL Data

Govgistics, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have deployed a much anticipated and highly requested upgrade to our proprietary Batch Search Manager. In addition to FULL Parts Availability, FULL FLIS, FULL Sales History, FULL GSA Sales History and FULL Solicitations against your parts/NSNs, the application now includes AEL/APL data so you can quickly and efficiently gather Ship information and relevant other data such as Repair Prices and more. Come by Govgistics, Inc. and see for yourself why thousands of companies rely on us as their daily driver.


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Over 33,905,806 National Stock Number Data Rows with Segments A-W where available

Over 51,000,045 Rows of Procurement History and Counting Covering the DoD (All), DHS and GSA

Over 2,389,573 of USN AEL and Over 8,977,392 of USN APL Data Rows

Over 2,907,194 CAGE Code Data Rows with SAM Registration Information When Available

Over 2,500 Average Solicitations Added Daily covering DLA, Army, Navy and Air Force including FBO Delivered with FULL FLIS, FULL PROCUREMENT, AEL/APL, PID and More

Over 2,500 Member Companies with 6,400 Site Users

Over 640,000 Monthly Page Views — With an Average Session Duration of 17 Minutes

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How do you define value-add?

How much are you paying for AEL/APL Information? Does it include access to the entire database for AEL level information? What if you didn’t have to pay more just because you wanted more information? See for yourself.


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