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What’s The Dollar Value of Your Parts?

PartsBase Government Data deploys “Reverse Shopping Cart” Technology.  We are all familiar with items we picked up and placed in the cart.  In other words, we know what contracts we won.  But do we track what we missed or about which we didn’t know?  This is where your new tool comes in handy.  Are you 100% certain the NSN can only be purchased from you?  Are you sure you knew about every opportunity, bid it and successfully won it? Plug in your company and view:

  • Your recent awards
  • Recent actions for your NSNs awarded to others
  • Your company’s un-bid solicitations
  • Open solicitations for your company along with ALL whom can bid
  • ALL awards to other companies for your NSNs


  • The historical dollar value of your NSNs displayed with your share of the contracting dollars. What this means is that you can quickly find out that your parts are worth ‘X’ and your share is worth ‘Y’.

PartsBase Government Data has been listening to your suggestions and requests and we built this technology because you asked for it.  Your service simply became smarter and more efficient – all of this is included in your membership.  Would you like to see how it works? Login to PartsBase Government Data or ask us for your free trial.

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