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What does your provider’s CAGE Code report look like? 

What does your provider’s CAGE Code report look like?  Here’s a glance at what PartsBase Government Data, Inc. offers.  Come by and see for yourself why thousands of companies rely on us as their daily driver.


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PartsBase Government Data Blog

PartsBase Government Data Introduces Award Notifications

PartsBase Government Data , Inc.deploys a new application to enable DoD award notifications tailored to your needs and specific to your requirements. Quickly and efficiently select your company or CAGE Code, enter your email address and that’s it. You can even add up to 100 (one hundred) other companies or CAGE Codes to the list. Once you do, every morning you will receive an email notifying you of the contracts awarded to those companies in your list as an Excel attachment with all the relevant information, and the data grouped by CAGE code. Come by and see why thousands of companies rely on PartsBase Government Data, Inc. as their daily driver.

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PartsBase Government Data Blog

In Case You Didn’t Know

Here are some highlights from our application offering. Come by and see for yourself why thousands of companies rely on @Govgistics as their daily driver…


Custom bidmatching saved searches with user specific filtering

Added ability to search expired solicitations.

Added “global search”…to find any possible open opportunity in the DLA website.

We deliver the entire AEL/APL list for all Navy contracts.

You now have all the GSA, GSA Advantage and Emall procurement histories.

You can now search for casting suppliers to locate the castings needed

You can search for “sources sought” and “presolicitations”

FULL FBO integration

We can pull bids dated “tomorrow” from the DLA prior to public release.

You can do “full text searching”

You can filter for commercial packaging only or Mil spec packaging leads

You can filter for “combined set asides” with a single filter.

We added the “phrase statement” so you never are confused as to the quantity per package…ie when UOI is 1 each and the phrase is 5 then there are 5 items in the unit/pack.

You can filter for NSN that require ISO or AS certification certifications or compliance OR conversely you can block solicitations that require higher level quality standards.

We added FBO “recovery” for clients who want to find economic recovery act opportunities (archived).

We added NSN forecast so you know additional purchases are planned on certain NSNs to better compete.

Recently added 3rd Party RFQ tab option and just released…..

You have the “reverse shopping cart” that tracks data related to your NSNs – orders you have won, orders you have lost and to who, unawarded solicitations past the expiration date, open Solicitations and Net worth of your NSNs.

You now have custom FBO filter creation with export and email notifications

You have full integration with FPDS reporting with built in features which tie back the data to CLIN information and ability to search by CAGE.

Yes, both significant investment to develop these enhancements and a significant commitment to our customers in providing the tools needed to work in the DoD market.

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PartsBase Government Data Blog

$1.2 Billion is up for Grabs

The DoD will be issuing over 9400 RFQs/RFPs Thursday estimated to be worth over $120,000,000. Are you ready to go through that volume? Top 5 FSC to be solicited will be 1560 4820 1680 5930 & 4810. All in, $1.2 billion worth of opportunities are waiting to be awarded. PartsBase Government Data can help you navigate through ONLY relevant opportunities in order to shorten the distance between discovery and action. We invite you to come by and see why thousands of companies rely on PartsBase Government Data as their daily driver. While you’re here, ask us for a complimentary opportunity analysis report for your company.

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PartsBase Government Data Blog

Looking for Revenue?

Another Fun Fact: $726,014,266.53 is the estimated value of DoD solicitations open and available for bidding. Add in the $317,431,105.44 ‘expired’ but available for bidding and you’ll find over $1,000,000,000 in potential revenue opportunities waiting for you. Where does you company fit on this pie chart?

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PartsBase Government Data Blog

PartsBase Government Data Inc – Happy 6th Birthday (almost)

It is said that time flies when you’re having fun.  For us the statement could not be any truer.  In a few weeks, PartsBase Government Data Inc. will be celebrating its 6th anniversary and we are so very proud to have had the privilege of serving our members over the last six years and are looking forward to continuing that tradition in the years to come.

It seems like yesterday that the idea to develop and implement a better platform, a better manner by which access to relevant information is provided and a member-centric business model was born.  I vividly recall those days and better remember being fully immersed in the idea that materialized into PartsBase Government Data Inc., intended to be an evolutionary step up in the defense market intelligence and analysis arena.

Our beginnings, as exciting as they were, were humble.  We built a little here and little there.  Our site launched with a version of Contract Bidding and Market Research.  Combined these products made it possible for our members, on the Contract Bidding side of the service, to receive Department of Defense open solicitations based on saved searches and all delivered with FLIS and Procurement History.  On the Market Research side, our members had the ability to look up National Stock Numbers (NSNs) by part number, description, most recent award & more and also access H4/H8 CAGE Code information and reporting associated for that company such as NSNs awarded, competition analysis and supplier overlap.

We started building a brand, grew our staff from one, to two, to ten and then almost forty.  We went from no members to over 800 and things were good.  For the next few years, we enhanced the services provided but kept the old design and framework and unfortunately their old limitations.  In an environment where exploring, building and deploying new tools means providing more to our members, we unfortunately didn’t hit the mark… and seemingly stopped evolving.

It is also said that the reason we fall is so that we can learn how to get up.  In late 2013, we learned this lesson in many ways and for various reasons.  In order to address these new challenges and with rather than just an evolution as with the original thinking, we opted for a rEvolution.  At the beginning of 2014, we put to action the lessons learned, rolled up our sleeves and went to work.  By April of 2014, we rewrote the logic on which our technology relies and opened the door to features never before explored.  We deployed these changes along with the first major product release we had in years, Data Export Manager.  This tool allowed our members to find the needle in the haystack from either side of the service and export the data for various reasons.

By July 2014, we deployed our proprietary Batch Search Manager.  This product was a built from the ground up with one goal in mind: get our members the data they need, when they need it and fast.  This product runs automated searches on parts numbers, NSNs or CAGE Codes and outputs a custom spreadsheet with only the relevant data sought which includes part/NSN availability, full FLIS, procurement history, solicitations against the parts/NSNs/Cage Codes and GSA specific history.

By November 2014, we released a brand new desktop and mobile friendly Govgistics.com which included a new UI, new functionality, new tools, new features all built on new code and new architecture.

Stellar is an understatement as it relates to how this deployment was received by our members.  So much so that we moved up the timetable on deprecating the old site from 180 days to 30 based on greater than 99% of usage coming from the new site.

In 2015, we enhanced the overall user experience, tools and data offered to our community to include Casting Provider search with send RFQ function, Global Solicitations Search, Historical Solicitations Search, EMall Sales History and GSA Procurement History – all as standalone modules for specific research and data aggregation by the end user and also integrating the histories to the related product or NSN.


We also integrated NSN forecast data and Navy AEL/APL cross reference into every NSN and Bid report.

To further enhance productivity and foster intra-company collaboration, we deployed member to member messaging for end users at the same PartsBase Government Data member company and the ability to tag or add to favorites relevant bid opportunities.

So far in 2016, we have deployed a beta release of the full Navy BOAPL database providing our members the ability to RIC codes to NIINs and CAGE Codes and run full AEL Reports on demand.

We also added the ability to search for the BSM expired but available for quoted module and enhanced the search capabilities for Contract Bidding and Market Research and more minor enhancements

All of this could not be possible without our members’ support and continued suggestions for the features they need to make full use of the available data.  For that, we thank you.

The last six years were fun by any standard, albeit coupled with some challenges for some of which we were not prepared but through which we persevered.  This helped us grow our commitment to you to continue to provide you with that for which you ask.  We are coming up on six years of service with over 2500 member companies and are so excited at the prospects of what happens next.  We are humbled by our journey and continue to be honored by your commitment to stay with us.  Without you there is no PartsBase Government Data Inc. and we thank you. @Govgistics #rEvolution.

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Using NSN with PartsBase Government Data

Benefits of efficient NSN Search

In PartsBase Government Data, the NSN search is defined as the National Stock Number. NSN is a 13-digit code that identifies the standardized material items of supply that are recognized by all NATO countries including the DOD (Department of Defense). The NSN has come to be widely used by all treaty countries and are essential to the military’s logistics supply chain.

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Government Contracting Part 2: SAM Registration

If you have already contacted Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and went through the short application process of obtaining a D-U-N-S number, the next step in making your business eligible for participation in government contracting with the DoD is to register your business with the System for Award Management, or SAM. SAM Registration is a requirement for all businesses and potential vendors as set forth in the Federal Acquisitions Regulations, or FAR. Familiarizing yourself with FAR is not a requirement, but we definitely recommend a comfortable familiarity, as the entire bidding and acquisition process often refers to the stipulations of FAR.

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