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You asked for it, we listened

@Govgistics has deployed feature enhancements requested by you.  These enhancements enable you to accomplish more of what you need to do in less time.  They include:

Access to one of our most popular report from the main Market Research page.  This report provides the ability to dissect and entire Federal Supply Class (FSC) by year or over a time period and discover the revenue opportunities that exists within this class of commodities.  Use this report to gage demand for any commodity class, top sellers in that FSC.  Utilize the data provided in this report to aggregate needed data side by side with the rest of our product offerings such as Batch Search Manager and obtain the additional details sought.


Tagging or adding solicitations of interest or value to you has never been easier nor more functional.  We have enhanced this feature to include the ability to add notes in order to help you better track items which you find valuable.


We have also enhanced your Contract Bidding rules by providing the ability to edit your saved searches.  Did you realize that having a saved search for an entire Federal Supply Class a little too cumbersome?  Edit the saved search to add additional requirements to it and narrow the results retuned in order to maximize your value.  We’ve come to realize that over time your priorities change, sometime significantly.  This is the main driver behind out decision to deploy this feature.


We invite you to stop by @Govgistics and see for yourself why thousands of companies reply on us as their daily driver.


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PartsBase Government Data Blog

Getting Ahead With Market Research

Market Research with PartsBase Government Data

Market Research at PartsBase Government Data is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. The in-depth product data provided allows customers and our members to fully investigate the Cage Codes and NSNs or National Stock Numbers they are researching.  PartsBase Government Data has done our research to provide market research for members and customers as easy as possible. Management Data, Master Cross Reference Library, Procurement History, Freight Packaging, Interchangeability, Navy AEL/APL and Vender Summaries are just a few key essentials in one central location under market research.

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