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Finding Surplus in the Marketplace

How do you find surplus in the market place? How do you track who is selling your parts? How do you get ahead of companies undercutting your prices?

The Department of Defense issues on average over 30,000 solicitations a month. While some don’t get awarded for various reasons, the vast majority gets awarded to thousands of companies like yours. Every day we speak with our members about their experience in dealing with the procurement process and every day we are asked by some about the surplus that exists in the market.

Imagine you’re the OEM of a widget. You’ve been making that widget for years. A solicitation is released calling for your widget and you bid it… unsuccessfully. You look at the award and find out that some company undercut your price. Why? Because your widget has been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for weeks and sometimes longer. It was acquired by a vendor for a good price and it was just resold. What do you do?

From a slightly different point of view, you’re still a manufacturer of the same widget but you may not know how many other companies make it. More importantly, that widget is repeatedly acquired by the DoD or even commercially. You look at your trailing twelve month sales for that widget and discover they are not inline with the market history. What do you do and how do you find buyers for your widget?

These are questions for which PartsBase Government Data provides answers to its members every day. In addition to buying opportunities from the DoD, Market Research is an integral part of our services. Discover how you can track demand, research procurement, OEM data and aggregate information, by the piece or via batch, with a couple of mouse clicks to find out what the DoD is buying, how much they have bought it for and all the vendors who happen to be stocking those parts.

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