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The Importance of Planning and Researching when Bidding on Government Contracts

When trying to aggressively pursue or bid on government contracts, the importance of being prepared can mean the difference between receiving an offer and being sent back home to do more homework. The preciseness of detail needed to fill out a Request for Proposal (RFP) demands that you plan and research your approach to solve the issue that the RFP presents. From minimum labor hours needed for project completion to understanding the mission that the specific agency you’re working with has, all of these details will only help you in the long run when competing for a government contract.

In most cases, responding to the minimum solicitation requirements generally does not lead to a contract being awarded. The agency that sent out the RFP takes a detailed approach when evaluating proposals, and the more details your proposals has, the less holes they will find in your presentation. It is up to you to find an approach that offers more than the basic RFP requirements.

You must also make sure you research the industry standards and how your approach is aligned with those standards and how it will reach the agency’s desired results. Listing your company’s strengths and how they align with the agency’s criteria will present them with a clear image of how they will benefit from what makes your company successful.

It also helps by showing the clear differences between you and your competitors and helps convince them that your product/service offers the best value to the agency.

Detailing the chances of not being able to deliver within the budget, along with the chances of the work not being profitable to either organization is a must when filling out the RFP. This is where you can influence the scope of work and detail how, within the set criteria, the chances of failure are there unless something is done about it.

By understanding the agency’s mission and presenting solutions with that in mind, your proposal and process should be written with ideas that align with that of the agency’s mission. Knowing whether they favor value over price, the budget they have to spend, what funding they have available and their past RFP solicitation will give you an edge over your competitors.

Making your process clear and concise, understanding the agency and your competitors, along with highlighting your Quality Control Plan will help solidify your bid strategy. All of this will help you approach the negotiating and bidding process by having strategic responses ready for your proposal.

By using PartsBase Government Data, government contractors can more effectively streamline the process of researching with our up-to-date database that provides procurement history, along with finding and winning contract awards. Let PartsBase Government Data help you win your next government contract. Start with a free trial today by visiting the PartsBase Government Data website or calling a sales rep at (561) 953-0769 ext. 2212.

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